Photos of Matt's Family










Janet, Steve, Matt, Katie (the short one), Karen (the tall one), and Bill in South Padre Island, August 1999. Gina took this for us. Thanks Gina!

Matt at nine with his Granddaddy

This was just before Matt shot-up to 6'3'' ... Matt was a freshman in high school when this was taken.

Matt and Oliver on Matt's 16th birthday in his brand new (... used) pickup

Bill and Matt ... Hey, can I borrow your Oakleys?

Matt with his Mom in Miami ... Granddaddy took the picture ... "Take yo hat off for this picture, boy!"

Amy dug up this picture for us ... thanks Amy

A rare period of time when Matt didn't have something growing on his face ... he couldn't have been much over 20 here ... thanks Amy

This is one of Mom's favorites ...

In the Old Market in Matamoros circa 1998 ... maybe

GQ material

"I'm gonna get you ..."