Matt in Miami

In this clip, Matt and I are walking side-by-side at Monty Trainers, a waterfront restaurant in the Grove in Miami.  Janet is walking with Granddaddy just ahead of us.  Matt catches me doing one of my favorite things ... videotaping his mother from the rear.  He busts me big time and I innocently say, "what?".  The video catches Matt's response.


Matt at the Moorings

On Labor Day weekend in 1983, four couples of our friends and we rented an old clapboard resort in Islamorada called The Moorings. The oceanfront grounds consisted of a big house and four cabins. Matt was six at the time and the only kid on the excursion. That was one of the more memorable weekends of our lives.  We swam, sun bathed, played volleyball, sang songs on the pier, jet skied, fished, watched Florida beat Miami on TV, and cooked-out on the beach.  The highpoint came on Saturday when we caught 48 Florida lobster, four conch, and two blue crabs. We feasted that night like never before. This video captures Matt's return after almost 17 years.  Since the last time Matt saw it, The Moorings had been developed into a resort by a French philanthropist.  Matt roams the grounds to try to piece together his memory.



Leaving the Moorings

Like any other car ride you have been on, there are usually multiple conversations happening at once.  This clip captures Matt's Granddaddy remembering the last time he went to the Green Turtle Inn on Islamorada while Matt reads the sales brochure from The Moorings.  I am driving. Janet is videotaping. Matt, Janet and Grandmamma are in the back seat.  If you look closely, you can see Matt in the rearview mirror.


Lunch on Islamorada

While in the keys, we visited one of Granddaddy's favorite restaurants, the Islamorada Fish Company.  This clip features Janet explaining to Granddaddy why we are going to be sitting where we do rather than where he usually sits. During her explanation, Granddaddy picks a piece of lent off the end of her nose without breaking stride.  Matt thinks it cute.  Janet wonders why no one else told her. We all sit down. A reasonable rendition of Men at Work plays in the background. 



Fresh Fish

Matt is ecstatic to get to carry the fish just purchased from the Islamorada Fish Company.






During our Christmas 2000 visit to Miami, we decided to take Gina and Matt to Viscaya in Coral Gables.  Janet, Matt and Gina pose at the entrance.  Matt was about six weeks from having had knee surgery -- ergo the limp.



Shopping at Viscaya

After roaming the grounds of Viscaya for most of the day, everybody was pretty much ready to go ... except Matt.  Here he voices his desire to stay and attempts to bribe Granddaddy with a cookie.




Leaving Viscaya

Matt tells us he wants to visit the wine cellar.


Gina eyes a stuffed leopard at Flamingo Gardens.  Catch Matt's reaction to the grrrr she throws into the conversation.






Gina finally yields to the pressure to blow a bubble for the camera.






Blond on the Beach

I think the following series of clips is from the summer of 1998 on South Padre Island.  Matt and some of his friends (e.g., Kevin, Micah, Chachi, et al.) all decide to dye their hair blond. Matt received unmerciful teasing from his family during this week.  This particular clip captures the blond & buff Matt in a hot game of whiffle ball with Bill and Katie on the beach.




Blond at Garcia's

We join Matt shopping at Garcia's in Matamoros. He expresses his desire to go to the old marketplace to visit the real "Mexican Wal-Mart".







In this clip, Katie is giving us a shopping tour of Garcia's when all of a sudden, Matt appears on the screen.  Check his reaction to being caught on tape.



Later, Matt blocks the camera.  He's just about had it with the camera.







Matt is starting to crumble.







Those of you who have been to Matt's apartment will remember this serving set.  He saw it as a sophisticated way to serve trash can punch.





Marvin the Martian

Matt & Bill discover Marvin the Martian. Then, the two cartoon junkies fantasize ownership. 




Christmas 2000

Karen sets the timer on her camera and sprints for her seat on the sofa for a group photo while the rest of us cheer her effort.













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