MARSH MADNESS 2003 was a volleyball tournament organized by friends and family to honor Matt Marsh and to benefit the Epilepsy Foundation of Central & South Texas.  It was held on Saturday June 7 at Aussies on Barton Springs Road in downtown Austin.  It was a resounding success both financially and personally.  The event raised $3,000 from about 150 contributors.  The donation qualified for matching funds and, thus, a total of $6,000 was given to the Epilepsy Foundation in the name of Matthew Stephen Marsh.  We thank everyone for the giving of their time and resources.

Over 120 people registered at Aussies that night and the final championship game had a thrilling conclusion.  A hard fought battle between the Sand Monkeys and Team Bud went down to the wire with Sand Monkeys taking the deciding game by a score of 16-14.  The Sand Monkeys became the Champion of the 2003 Marsh Madness Volleyball Tournament at 1:15 a.m.!

Follow the links below to get a sample of the excitement we shared with all of the participants.  For those of you who could not attend this year, we appreciate you sending us your good wishes and support from afar and look forward to seeing you in Austin next year at this time.






The Planning Committee

Cindy (left) designed the Teddy Tuffy t-shirt and had them printed by THE PRIDE in Wimberley (see Event Partners below).

River and Bobbie (ex officio) helped with planning, recruiting participants and managing the Games.

Toni was the project manager. She helped plan the events, coordinate communications, and recruit and confirm attendees.

Sean helped with planning the events, establishing the structure for the double-eleimination tournament, and recruiting participants

Brian helped with planning, setting-up the structure for the games and recruiting and confirming participants


The Announcement and the T-Shirt

This brochure went out to about 200 people.

This is Cindi's design for T-shirt. Contributors were thrilled to get a Teddy Tuffy shirt.

The front of the T-shirt features a miniature Teddy Tuffy

Spencer models the Teddy Tuffy T-shirt. 120 of these were handed-out at Marsh Madness this year.


Event Partners














Jeromy, Katie, and Shirley helped Janet with registration and setup. Jeromy and Katie came all the way from Hollywood, FL. to participate.

Aunt Karen, event photographer, came all the way from Tallahassee, stayed for the final ceremony, and then caught a 6:00 am flight home! Whew!

Karen B. and Katie B. (foreground) registered attendees. Katie also played on Team Bud. They hail from Schertz.

Shirley (right) helped Janet with organization and registration. Shirley came all the way from Miami Lakes to attend Marsh Madness.

Uncle Mark was an event photographer and helped construct the Brackets Board. He was team captain for Bonzai's Revenge. He flew from Hollywood, FL.

Jose served as a game official and provided highly insightful play-by-play commentary

Bobbie served as a game official with emphasis on crowd management.

Spencer (foreground) served as a game official.

Steve and Bill along with Mark (not pictured, taking photo) built the Bracket Board.


The Crowd

We had a great turn-out for Marsh Madness at Aussies

Registration began at 5:00 with teams taking the courts at 6:30

More than 120 players and spectators attended

Brian and Anna enjoy the games

There was plenty of seating for everyone

Gina watches her team, Wildcats, play in the first round while Jeromy gets a coke for himself and beers for the competition.

Todd, captain of the Nomads, studies the competition, while the newlyweds, Chris & Emily, enjoy a quiet moment

Janet tries to talk Jason into joining a team ... the flu, sez he, kept him out of the games or he would have shown-up everyone

Teams wait for their turn to play

Cute couple Katie and Jeromy wait to join teammates on Bonzai's Revenge

LeAnn finally makes it to Marsh Madness after attending her sister's wedding in Waco earlier that day.

Little Matt and Cindy talk about spikes, digs and serves. Little Matt coined the name of our event, "Marsh Madness".

Newlyweds Mark and Stephanie are caught in a kodak moment

Scorpio mugs for the photographer

Trey drove in from Houston to watch the games


The Teams

Sand Monkeys ("The Champions")

Chris (captain), Josh, Jay, Emily, Danny, Taryne

Team Bud

Sean (captain), Brian, Trent, Sherice, Bill, AJ, Katie H., and Katie B.

Team Minority

Anthony (captain), Tee, Leon, Andrea, Mark


Chachi (captain), Kevin, Johnny, Amber, Ryan, Gina, Eric

Super Freaks

River (captain), Brandon, B. K., Coral, Ian


Todd (captain), Jeremy, Eddie, Arnea, Stephanie, Jeanette

Heidi's Hotties

later to become known as the antithesis of the wrestler Stone Cold, or

Cold Stoned

Heidi (captain 1), Jessica (captain 2), Chris, Edward, Kat, Nikki

Bonzai's Revenge

Mark (captain), Jeromy, Katie H., Karen, Janet, Steve



The Games

Andrea of Team Minority plays in front of the Marsh Madness Banner

The Bracket Board indicates the pairing for a double-elimination tourney.

Janet talks with Todd and Jeremy of Nomads and Mark of Team Minority about the game format. Amber and Brian chat in the background.

Bonzai's Revenge (far court) vollies with Nomads. Sand Monkeys play in near court.

Bonzai's Revenge plays Nomads in far court. Sand Monkeys play in near court.

Bonzai's Revenge plays Nomads in far court. Sand Monkeys play Team Bud in near court.

Emily gives her best Mini Me impersonation as she and Chris celebrate a win for the Sand Monkeys

Jose and Bobbie provided excellent officiating and score-keeping for the games.

Team Minority plays Super Freaks in near court. Heidi's Hotties serves to Wildcats in the far court.

Andrea tries to wack the cover off the ball for Team Minority.

Team Minority's Anthony, Andrea, Tee and Leon wait for Mark's serve.

Coral serves for Super Freaks in the game against Team Minority

Team Minority and Super Freaks played a hard-fought battle for more than 90 minutes. Team Minority advances. Super Freaks go to the loser's bracket.

Wildcats Chachi, Kevin, Amber and Ryan position for the return from Heidi's Hotties

Jessica with Heidi's Hotties serves to the Wildcats.

Wildcats celebrate a point won from Heidi's Hotties ... or was that Cold Stoned?

Team Bud and Sand Monkeys meet in the first round. In a close-fought three game series, Team Bud is knocked into the loser's bracket.

Mark, Andrea and Leon of Team Minority get ready for the next point against Team Bud in final match of loser's bracket.

Team Bud wins a point from Team Minority in the semi-final match

This is the final result of Marsh Madness 2003.


The Championship Match

Sand Monkeys beat Team Bud, Nomads and Team Minority to make it to the Semi-Final Match. Team Bud fought through four matches in the Loser's Bracket to make it to the Semi-Final Match.  They beat Bonzai's Revenge, Wildcats, Super Freaks, and Team Minority for the right to meet Sand Monkeys.  Team Bud won two-out-of-three games from the Sand Monkeys to force the Championship Match.  Sand Monkeys were down 11-14 in the final game before storming back to win 16-14.  After 15 games in a row, Team Bud finally ran out of gas.  Sand Monkeys won Marsh Madness 2003.

The following clips were taken from the action in the final game.

Josh vollies for Sand Monkeys

Sean goes for the block on a tip from Chris

Josh positions for return

Josh skies for a tip

Sean sets for Bill to volly

Josh's tip finds a hole in the Team Bud defense

Chris tips one over the Sean block

Bill goes for the save

Chris digs one out of the sand as emily calls the play

Josh completes the volley




... good game ... good game ... good game ... good game ... where's the beer?





Josh, Chris, Emily, Danny and Jay



Josh & Chris with Teddy Tuffy

The final group consists of the following hardcore players and fans:

Top Row (holding Marsh Madness Sign): Jeromy and Katie

Back Row (standing left to right): Sherice, Kelly, Spencer (hook ''em), Bill, Trey, Chris (with Bobbie on his shoulders), Cindy and Brandon

Middle Row (standing left to right): Nikki, Tee, Little Matt. Josh (holding Teddy Tuffy), Emily, Angie, Jay, and Danny

Front Row (left to right): Brian, Jose and Trent. The top of Sean's head is barely visible at the very bottom of the picture.

Not Pictured but in Attendance: Aunt Karen, Randy (Trey and Little Matt's dad), Sherice and Trent's daughters, River (where was he and ... why is he NOT in the picture?), Janet and Steve

VIDEOS  If you have a broadband connection, watch the videos from the Championship Match ... dial-up will require patience.

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